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Kid-Jitsu University is a teach-the-teacher program designed to assist parents, aspiring instructors and professional martial arts school owners in finding the right program that fits their needs in teaching the fundamentals of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to children.
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Why should kids learn BJJ?

Tough kids can handle tough situations!Life today certainly isn't easier on kids then it was in the past.  There is a constant flood of media directed at kids that tell them who they are, what to like, who to hang around and what to strive to become.  There are many pitfalls from bullying, drugs, gangs and all kinds of peer pressure around each corner for kids today.  Parents and teachers simply can't be everywhere so without proper training our kids are sent out like sheep with little chance to succeed.

Kidjitsu provides countless benefits to the kids that train it.  Here are a few benefits:  
  •  Self Esteem
  •  Self Confidence
  •  Self Control
  •  Self Defense
  •  Anti-Bully Tactics
  •  Improved Overall Health
  •  Improved Attention Spans
  •  Improved Motor Skills
  •  Improved Social Skills
  •  Improved Life Skills


Kid-Jitsu is a Martial Arts Program for Kids

Kids learn differently so Kid-Jitsu was designed for how they learn!

Follow Our Easy Steps To Success

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1. Join Kid-Jitsu University No Setup Fees. No Contracts. KJU is unlike anything on the market getting the most popular system reaching the largest demographic directly in your hands!
2. Follow the Curriculum KJU's teach-the-teacher format will have you running your program from Day 1. Everything you need to win as you work through the over 4 years worth of curriculum is in our innovative online university.
3. Coached to Success Every affiliate gets direct access to our LIVE coaching sessions to guarantee the most success possible. Online forums, LIVE video chats, Monthly Certification Seminars, Yearly Association Gatherings, Direct Telphone Access and more means expert knowledge at your fingertips 24/7/365

Kid-Jitsu University

 1475 Atlantic Blvd / Neptune Beach, FL 32266 / USA  1.800.714.6094